New Or Antique Furniture ?


Given the modern day variety of homes, and with the interior design options available, it’s not difficult to come across a dilemma. New furniture or antique ?

Unfortunately there is of course no easy answer. It is mostly personal taste. However following a few basic rules will help you to come to the right conclusion.

Take this lovely old Italian renaissance-style walnut sideboard:

Such a wonderful piece of furniture but could you really put this in any room ?

And compare it to the pieces below (from

One exciting option to be to have one room with antique furniture, and another with new. On my travels I’ve been to many homes while studying for my interior design qualification and once went to a colleague’s house in South Carolina.

He had their bedroom with all antique pine furniture imported from Eastern Europe, 2 wardrobes, 2 chests of drawers, a dressing table, a pair of East German bedside cupboards and a pair of East German antique Sleigh Beds set together to form a double bed, and an old pine blanket box at the foot of the bed.

The kitchen had new contemporary beech units and granite surfaces, with chrome handles and drawer pulls.

The dining room a huge oak trestle table with a massive chandelier above. Set around the table were 6 old oak chairs and a bench on the other side. There was a huge very imposing old Georgian oak corner cupboard stood in the corner of the room and a large oak Welsh dresser on one wall, with ‘Blue and White’ pottery.

The living room was furnished with a new leather Chesterfield and an assortment of antique and new pieces of furniture dotted around. It was quite an ingenious creation, because it all worked.

My conclusion was that basically anything can work, antique in one room, new in another, a mixture in another. I wish I had taken photos..