New Or Antique Furniture ?


Given the modern day variety of homes, and with the interior design options available, it’s not difficult to come across a dilemma. New furniture or antique ?

Unfortunately there is of course no easy answer. It is mostly personal taste. However following a few basic rules will help you to come to the right conclusion.

Take this lovely old Italian renaissance-style walnut sideboard:

Such a wonderful piece of furniture but could you really put this in any room ?

And compare it to the pieces below (from

One exciting option to be to have one room with antique furniture, and another with new. On my travels I’ve been to many homes while studying for my interior design qualification and once went to a colleague’s house in South Carolina.

He had their bedroom with all antique pine furniture imported from Eastern Europe, 2 wardrobes, 2 chests of drawers, a dressing table, a pair of East German bedside cupboards and a pair of East German antique Sleigh Beds set together to form a double bed, and an old pine blanket box at the foot of the bed.

The kitchen had new contemporary beech units and granite surfaces, with chrome handles and drawer pulls.

The dining room a huge oak trestle table with a massive chandelier above. Set around the table were 6 old oak chairs and a bench on the other side. There was a huge very imposing old Georgian oak corner cupboard stood in the corner of the room and a large oak Welsh dresser on one wall, with ‘Blue and White’ pottery.

The living room was furnished with a new leather Chesterfield and an assortment of antique and new pieces of furniture dotted around. It was quite an ingenious creation, because it all worked.

My conclusion was that basically anything can work, antique in one room, new in another, a mixture in another. I wish I had taken photos..

Supply A Brand-new Look To Your Residence With Pine Wood Furniture

Regardless how stunning your current furnishings might be, truth be told there undoubtedly comes the point in time when you require to switch it. Are you looking for anything at all exclusive and new? It is possible to change the appearance of the full space by simply shifting the pieces of furniture. The point that is very widely used nowadays and will certainly under no circumstances run out of trend is termed antique pine furniture.

Pine is definitely widely used in the making of pieces of furniture. You can actually find tons of pine wardrobes in addition to pine dressers that provide incredible layouts. The pine is essentially a very delicate wood which recognition enhanced primarily because it was really cheap in comparison to other sorts of material just like oak wood or walnut. Makers report that it’s a great deal quicker to produce furnishings from pine which is why you can certainly locate a lot of pine wardrobes and pine dressers that are a whole lot cheaper than closets as well as dressers created from other sorts of wood.

It is possible to embellish your living space with the help of antique pine furniture. It may even be blended with some other form of wood material items. If you actually happen to possess old-time sort of decoration, antique pine furniture is definitely purely awesome. Antique pine furniture happens to be additionally well-known for its ability to shed weighty feel as soon as colored. Thus, in case you really feel that your present pine wardrobes or pine dressers look heavy, you realize the answer – color them. One more thing that colored antique pine furniture brings is actually a cozy sense in whole residence.

Pine furniture is amongst the common kind of furniture worldwide. Let us examine precisely why it is so fascinating to so many people.

The purely natural color regarding pine is very captivating. It’s a light shade regarding wood material that could be painted or stained towards practically any different coloration that could be wanted. However, many people who buy household furniture made out of pine wood select the all-natural wood grain to be shown off. This sort of material is actually attractive to lots of people today. Obviously, if it is adequately created. You can compare and contrast colored and also purely natural pine dressers as one example and decide which option is the best for you.

Pine wood is known as a powerful wood material that makes quite sturdy home furniture. So long as it is looked after properly antique pine furniture will hold up towards normal routine usage for many years.

No matter what kind of furnishings you’ll purchase – toughness is vital. If you decide to save some money on shopping for furniture from a not sturdy wood, never be surprised any time it will certainly wear out with no reason. Plastic as well as metallic home furniture is definitely often significantly less expensive when compared with an excellent wood furniture piece, however additionally they split up faster as the components simply just are not as tough.If you need more information, you could head over to and you’ll discover more details.

Additionally it is not a secret that a very good piece of wood will surely cost more than household furniture produced from plastic-type material. However, you are able to get reasonably priced wood material furnishings. Pine is an extremely affordable wood resource and so you are able to end up finding good quality household furniture made from pine that costs a lot less than the same products produced from other kinds of wood material. And this is exactly why deciding on pine furniture is suggested. In case you absolutely need pine dressers, pine wardrobes, pine shelving for books and so forth, you will find lots of designs available too.

A Brief Note on Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wooden furniture has its own unique colour, warmth, dimension and depth. It offers a feel that no other furniture could provide. In the present days, most of the homeowners are going for handmade, beautifully crafted and recycled wooden furniture. Moreover, several wooden furniture manufacturers have started to produce such reclaimed furniture models. So, manufacturers who are experienced in producing first-hand furniture are now making furniture from used or old models. Here listing some of the benefits of reclaimed wood furniture.

Unique appeal: Furniture made using old wood materials render an aesthetic, unique and antique appeal. Additionally, it looks natural and rich in appearance. The reclaimed wood has certain special characters that are rare to see in new wood. It expresses a beautiful ambience to the interiors, which none other can make it.

Eco-friendly: Reclaimed furniture plays an important role in protecting our living environment. People who are worried about rapid deforestation, sudden climatic change, sundry, global warming and other environmental concerns should definitely go for reclaimed furniture. It gives a fresh form of life to used and old resources.

Durability and stability: Furniture made out of recycled wood is highly durable, reliable and sturdy. It is stronger than any other wood.

Cost effective: It is cost effective when compared to new furniture. Most of the dealers offer at discounted prices. It does not mean that it is of low or inferior quality. Recycled wood is used to manufacture various models of furniture. It is highly used to make panels, decks, architectural details, floors and also for designing the interiors of houses and offices. It comes in several varieties and types. Some of the examples of reclaimed wood are elm, antique pine, oak, heart pine, hickory, Douglas fir, and more.

Furniture exporters are promoting the values and benefits of reclaimed furniture in the global market.