New Or Antique Furniture ?


Given the modern day variety of homes, and with the interior design options available, it’s not difficult to come across a dilemma. New furniture or antique ?

Unfortunately there is of course no easy answer. It is mostly personal taste. However following a few basic rules will help you to come to the right conclusion.

Take this lovely old Italian renaissance-style walnut sideboard:

Such a wonderful piece of furniture but could you really put this in any room ?

And compare it to the pieces below (from

One exciting option to be to have one room with antique furniture, and another with new. On my travels I’ve been to many homes while studying for my interior design qualification and once went to a colleague’s house in South Carolina.

He had their bedroom with all antique pine furniture imported from Eastern Europe, 2 wardrobes, 2 chests of drawers, a dressing table, a pair of East German bedside cupboards and a pair of East German antique Sleigh Beds set together to form a double bed, and an old pine blanket box at the foot of the bed.

The kitchen had new contemporary beech units and granite surfaces, with chrome handles and drawer pulls.

The dining room a huge oak trestle table with a massive chandelier above. Set around the table were 6 old oak chairs and a bench on the other side. There was a huge very imposing old Georgian oak corner cupboard stood in the corner of the room and a large oak Welsh dresser on one wall, with ‘Blue and White’ pottery.

The living room was furnished with a new leather Chesterfield and an assortment of antique and new pieces of furniture dotted around. It was quite an ingenious creation, because it all worked.

My conclusion was that basically anything can work, antique in one room, new in another, a mixture in another. I wish I had taken photos..

Present A Completely New Look To Your Dwelling Using Vintage Wood Furniture

And so you actually considered it is time for you to redo the home? As soon as there occurs the point in time to alter furnishings, you need to determine if you want to acquire a little something brand new and exceptional. We could supply you with a great advice which can make the look of the whole space change in a good way and also therefore offer an improved and trendy appearance to your house. Select antique pine furniture.

Incredible styles regarding pine wardrobes, pine shelving for books as well as pine dressers are supplied currently. Pine is quite favored. One of the reasons is the fact that it is actually a good deal cheaper than some other sort of wood material and it is in addition a extremely smooth wood. The simple truth is that pine dressers and also pine wardrobes are typically a whole lot less expensive than exactly the same furnishings types made out of some other sorts of wood material. Additionally, companies claim that it’s a great deal easier to produce pieces of furniture out of this type of material.

It is possible to adorn your living area with the help of antique pine furniture. It may be also blended with different type of wood material products. If you actually happen to have antique kind of furnishings, antique pine furniture is definitely simply awesome. You’ll be able to stay away from your pine dressers and pine wardrobes looking heavy simply by coloring the real wood. This can be applied to all varieties of antique pine furniture. Yet another point which colored antique pine furniture provides is a inviting sensation in whole residence.

It is not a secret that pine wood would be the wood material, which furnishings is an exceptionally popular option amongst individuals. And so precisely what are the particular motives that made this specific type of material quite popular?

The first explanation happens to be aesthetic – all-natural coloration associated with pine is extremely captivating. Light shade associated with wood material is an excellent cause of pine being favored. It could be colored and definitely will appear remarkable. Yet coloring pine wood isn’t precisely what many people decide on considering the fact that all-natural coloration looks a whole lot nicer for almost all individuals. You are unable to deny that it’s a really gorgeous material. Particularly if it happens to be manufactured correctly. You can review colored and also purely natural pine dressers as one example and select which option is the most effective to suit your needs.

The reality that it’s a long-lasting furniture happens to be another excellent rationale regarding its acceptance. You could expect pine furniture to continue for a long time devoid of particular routines.

Sturdiness is amongst the major things that consumers are looking for with the purchase of home furniture. A primary reason individuals have to replace items in their property regularly happens to be since they don’t purchase good quality furnishings made out of sturdy wood sources. You can save some bucks short-run by choosing metal or plastic pieces of furniture however you will lose cash long term.If you have gotten wondering now and want even more to read, on antique dressers you will find what you want.

Obviously, you can expect to pay out extra when it comes to a nice section of solid wood household furniture when compared with you would when it comes to a little something comparable made out of plastic material or slim metal. Nevertheless you can get wood material home furniture at an economical price tag also. Pine delivers high-quality. In fact, this type of level of quality must charge far more than it happens to be now. And this is certainly precisely why choosing pine furniture is encouraged. If perhaps you absolutely need pine dressers, pine wardrobes, pine wood book shelves and so forth, there are lots of concepts accessible too.

The Pros Which Are Offered By Pine Furniture

Think you’re in a wish to redesign your home or possibly replace your own home furniture units? Do you need something specific and also brand-new? I actually remarkably recommend antique pine furniture. The reason? Mainly because it will forever stay stylish and pine wood is known for its sturdiness.

Pine is mainly employed for pine dressers, shelving for books, dinner tables, pine wardrobes, sleeping quarter’s units and more. Pine is really a delicate kind of real wood that’s rather economical. It is a fact that pine dressers as well as pine wardrobes tend to be usually a lot less costly than exactly the same furniture types made out of other varieties of material. Additionally, makers say that it is actually a lot simpler to make furnishings using this type of wood material.

The antique pine furniture pulls in a specialized appearance and also you can actually combine it with a few other forms of real wood products to decorate room in your home within a distinct fashion. In fact, the particular antique pine furniture is fairly perfect for a rustic form of decor. You can avoid the pine dressers and pine wardrobes appearing heavy by means of coloring the wood. That is applicable towards virtually all forms of antique pine furniture. All your residence will certainly get the particularly comfy feel at the same time.If you need more details, you can actually visit pine furniture to find additional information.

Pine furniture is among the most favored sort of furnishings world-wide. It is actually purely natural that you would like to grasp the particular main reasons why more and more people pick this sort of furniture.

The all-natural coloration of pine is extremely appealing. The actual modification selections for pine wood tend to be unlimited – because it is a lighter tone of wood material, you can actually paint it in almost any color and this will appear amazing. However, truly, plenty of people prefer a natural appear and do not color pine. If pine is manufactured effectively, you will receive an exceedingly pleasing furnishings. Warmness to the residence is provided by antique pine furniture.

The fact that it’s a sturdy home furniture happens to be one more fantastic explanation for its acceptance. Given that it is cared for correctly antique pine furniture will hold up to routine usage for many years.

Regardless of what sort of furniture you will obtain – toughness is very important. If pieces of furniture happens to be not created out of good quality wood resources, it has a tendency to break. You can conserve some dough temporary by selecting plastic or metal pieces of furniture yet you’ll suffer a loss of funds long term.

We likewise can’t deny the point that plastic material furnishings will certainly end up being a tad less costly than furniture made from plastic material or maybe steel. However there exists a way to get wood material home furniture without having a ton of money. Pine wood is a very affordable wood material resource and so you can actually usually see good quality furnishings made from pine wood that amounted to less than precisely the same pieces made out of other kinds of wood material. And this is the key reason why picking pine furniture is proposed. If you absolutely need pine dressers, pine wardrobes, pine shelving for books and so on, you will find loads of styles accessible too.

The Countless Features About Wood Furniture

And so you actually considered that it must be time to redecorate your home? Are you searching for anything at all unique as well as brand-new? I actually extremely propose antique pine furniture. The key reason why? Mainly because it will always stay trendy as well as pine wood is well known for its robustness.

Awesome designs regarding pine wardrobes, pine book shelves and also pine dressers are available nowadays. Pine is definitely inexpensive when compared to other kinds of wood material that could be acquired. It is a fact that pine dressers as well as pine wardrobes tend to be generally a great deal less costly than the identical home furniture kinds produced from different sorts of material. Additionally, manufacturers state that it is actually a great deal easier to produce household furniture using this form of real wood.

Buying antique pine furniture does not always mean the fact that you will require home furniture created solely from pine wood inside a space to make it look lovely – it mixes tremendously with other forms of wood too. Likewise, you won’t come across a far better blend when compared with antique pine furniture along with an old-time kind of design. If the pine is colored, it will stop shelving for books, dressing table, pine dressers, pine wardrobes, bed furniture, closets or any kind of different form of antique pine furniture from looking hefty. It can also supply a comfortable feel towards the whole property.

Pine furniture is amongst the well-liked form of home furniture worldwide – even more so than beautiful oak wood furniture. And so precisely what are the particular motives which made this particular sort of real wood so popular?

The purely natural color of pine is very appealing. The actual customization selections for pine are usually unlimited – as it is a light color of wood, you can actually color it in any coloration and it’ll look remarkable. However, in fact, lots of people choose an all-natural look and don’t color pine wood. Such type of wood material is actually appealing to large amount of people. Needless to say, if it is appropriately manufactured. Pine dressers and also pine wardrobes created from the actual natural coloring appear a lot more sophisticated and give warmth towards the residence.

Pine is known as a robust wood material that generates quite sturdy household furniture. You may expect pieces of furniture made out of pine to keep going for many years if you are intending to take a proper care associated with it.

Sturdiness is among the major issues that folks are looking for when buying home furniture. If you want to save some money on buying furnishings coming from a not long lasting wood, do not be amazed as soon as it will wear out with no cause. Plastic and also metallic household furniture is actually often significantly less pricey than a solid wood furniture, but in addition they split up much faster as the components simply aren’t as long lasting.The best way to get going with your investigation might be if you look at where you can find out more about that.

We in addition are not able to deny the point that plastic material home furniture will certainly be a tad less expensive than furnishings created from plastic material or maybe metal. But it’s definitely not all wasted – you can obtain a cheap in addition to sturdy household furniture from wood. Pine is certainly a affordable wood material origin so you can actually end up finding excellent furnishings made from pine wood that costs less than precisely the same items made out of other types of wood. For this reason it is wise to decide on pine wood furniture, no matter whether it is pine dressers or maybe pine wardrobes.

The Variety Of Features About Wood Furniture

Are you presently within an intention to redesign your house or possibly replace your current household furniture models? Looking for anything at all specific as well as brand new? You can certainly alter the look of the full room by switching the household furniture. The point that is quite widely used in recent times and will under no circumstances come to an end of trend is called antique pine furniture.

Pine is widely used in the producing of furniture. You can easily discover tons of pine wardrobes and pine dressers offering incredible styles. Pine is low-priced when compared with other kinds of material that may be obtained. Companies declare that it’s a whole lot less difficult to make furniture from pine and that is certainly why you can simply uncover a great deal of pine wardrobes as well as pine dressers that are a whole lot less costly than wardrobes as well as dressers made from other types of wood.

The actual antique pine furniture brings in a distinctive appearance and you can actually combine it with some other types of real wood products to embellish room in your home within a unique manner. If you happen to currently have rustic sort of decor, antique pine furniture is definitely simply awesome. Absolutely no antique pine furniture will look heavy if it is colored. All your property will certainly get the really comfy sense as well.

Individuals really like pine furniture these days. It is natural that you desire to find out the particular explanations why a lot of people decide on this kind of home furniture.There’s a lot more for you on classic pine dressers.

The first cause happens to be cosmetic – all-natural coloration of pine wood is incredibly attractive. The particular personalization selections for pine wood are usually limitless – since it is a brighter tone of wood, you are able to fresh paint it in any color and this will glance astounding. Nevertheless, many people that invest in household furniture produced from pine choose the natural wood material grain to be shown off. This type of wood is definitely fascinating to lots of individuals. Certainly, if it’s correctly made. Pine dressers as well as pine wardrobes made out of the particular purely natural color look a lot more stylish and present warmness towards the property.

The truth that this is a sturdy household furniture is definitely yet another wonderful reason for its level of popularity. You may expect furniture made from pine wood to last for many years if you are intending to take an excellent care of it.

It doesn’t matter what sort of pieces of furniture you will buy – durability is very important. If you want to stretch your budget on buying pieces of furniture from a certainly not sturdy wood, never be blown away once it is going to breakdown with no reason. It is true the fact that plastic household furniture is a bit less costly but it is going to crack quicker as well.

Needless to say, you can expect to pay out extra for a superb section of wood furnishings when compared with you would when it comes to a specific thing similar created from plastic material or maybe thin steel. Nevertheless you actually can get wood home furniture at an economical cost as well. Pine wood offers high-quality. Actually, this type of quality should cost far more than it is today. And this is why picking pine wood furniture is recommended. If perhaps you absolutely need pine dressers, pine wardrobes, pine bookshelves and many others, you will find loads of designs available as well.